Security Deep Dive: Cyber Hunting – The Anatomy of an Attack

Our October Deep Dive series on security wraps up this week with the fourth and final session of the month, which covers “cyber hunting” and the internal workings of a cyber attack.

The session is hosted by Director of Technical Marketing Doug Denny, who is joined by Customer Security Operations Center Manager Travis Mercier, who runs the day-to-day operations at the Rackspace Managed Security Customer Security Operations Center.

In this final installment, the discussion continues around our managed security offerings and examines ways customers can leverage those solutions to combat cyber threats.

Denny and Mercier also examine how advanced threats act and react across the lifecycle of a cyber attack, with real examples, so the audience can get a sense of how Rackspace employees actively search for threats on behalf of our customers.

October Deep Dive

The two also dive into the growing attack surface available to bad actors, and the increasing need for a variety of tools and products to be in place in order to properly secure systems.

“This is the evolving threat landscape, which to us it means the expansion of the landscape,” Mercier says.

“Technologies develop to enable businesses and to help them move faster,” he says, “so anytime a new technology enters into the industry, we have to think from a security perspective, what impact does this have on us? What does this mean from an adversarial perspective? Is this a new entry way for that attacker to gain access to our environment? And for us at Rackspace Managed Security — what does that mean for our customers and our customer’s businesses?”

The second half of this final session is devoted to a unique aspect of Rackspace Managed Security — our active approach to securing customer systems.

Because today’s bad actors are both advanced and persistent when it comes to gaining entry into systems, our security team is on the constant lookout for them — assuming they’re already inside an environment, then using a variety of different methods to root them out.

Check out the video to learn more about cyber hunting and the ways Rackspace is helping businesses manage the risk of cyber threats. And visit Rackspace to find out more about our managed security services and how they can help protect your business.


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