Security Deep Dive: Securing Multi-Cloud Environments

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Our October Deep Dive series on security continues this week with the third session of the month, which covers multi-cloud environments and best practices for protecting critical data and systems across a variety of cloud platforms.

The session is hosted by Director of Technical Marketing Doug Denny, who is joined by Director of Strategy and Product for Rackspace Managed Security Jarret Raim.

As the cloud continues to grow and mature, more companies are finding it beneficial to use a combination of leading cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

In this week’s Deep Dive, Denny and Raim provide examples of how Rackspace is helping customers manage this transition successfully, and more importantly, the types of security operations that can be effective when using different cloud platforms.

The session is filmed in front of the Rackspace Customer Security Operations Center, where Raim begins by covering some of the fundamental challenges of ensuring security in a multi-cloud environment.

“We’ve seen customers with applications on everything from older legacy applications that were written for mainframes or datacenter type work, all the way up through brand new, under-development applications that rely on public cloud services to scale up and down,” Raim says.

October Deep Dive

“Because of that, we’re seeing customers who now have to consume various compute platforms to meet their needs, whether that’s dedicated servers, virtualized platforms or public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure,” he adds.

In this scenario, Raim says, the challenge is no longer protecting a single platform, but finding the best way to protect all of them. Some of the difficulties that can arise include finding the right tooling from security vendors, which may not support all the platforms an organization is running or having to purchase multiple solutions for various cloud platforms, which can quickly become problematic.

Headcount is also an issue, as it’s difficult to staff security operations centers, particularly with analysts who have expertise in multiple cloud platforms.

Check out the video to find out more about multi-cloud strategies and ways Rackspace is helping businesses manage security across multiple cloud platforms. And stay tuned next Wednesday as the October Deep Dive series concludes with its final session on “Cyber Hunting and the Anatomy of a Cyber Attack.”

Visit Rackspace to find out more about our managed security services and how they can help protect your business.


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