Seeking Customers for Beta Managed Bare Metal Compute on Rackspace Private Cloud

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At Rackspace, we make a continual effort to expand the capabilities of your private cloud, often based on direct feedback from customers.

That has included requests for higher processing performance for key workloads, a need for bare metal machines to be provisioned quickly and dedicated (i.e. single-tenant) compute resources.

To meet those workload needs, we are pleased to announce a beta version of our Managed Bare Metal Compute, delivered as a service, for Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by OpenStack.

Participating customers will be able to try Managed Bare Metal Compute for test workloads and help shape the final service offering. Please email an OpenStack Specialist to sign up.

This highly available managed service enables the instant deployment of bare-metal servers via OpenStack Ironic. With this capability, you can optimally support demanding workloads like high-end analytics and data processing by eliminating hypervisor overhead.

Benefits include:

  • Delivered on Rackspace managed hardware with hardware health monitoring and access to world-class OpenStack experts for questions, troubleshooting and consultation during regular business hours.
  • Delivered on a highly available control plane, which means customers are assured the ability to provision bare-metal servers at any time.
  • Improved disk, network and compute performance: by eliminating the hypervisor, bare-metal servers enhance disk I/O performance, improve compute processing performance and increase network performance by providing full access to the physical network interface.
  • A unified control plane means users can instantly provision bare-metal and virtual servers under a unified control plane. Stand-alone Ironic deployments are available for use cases that require a bare-metal-only environment.
  • Offers the speed, performance and control required by the most demanding workloads, including big data, latency-sensitive financial applications, graphics rendering, image processing, scientific computing and others.

Though this is a beta launch, Rackspace has been working with bare-metal compute for years. In 2014, we launched OnMetal Cloud Servers in our public cloud, making us one of the first OpenStack providers to deploy and manage the OpenStack Ironic service in production.

Since then, we’ve built, operated and scaled hundreds of bare-metal cloud environments for deployments of all sizes. Now we’re combining this experience with our industry-leading operational expertise in OpenStack to deliver a highly available bare-metal service for the Rackspace OpenStack private cloud.

Rackspace has been a leader in delivering private cloud services for many years, beginning with our role in co-founding OpenStack with NASA in 2010 to our pioneering of the private cloud as a service delivery model to our recent announcement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise of the industry’s first pay-per-use private cloud delivered as a managed service.

If you want to experience successful outcomes with private cloud and learn more about consuming private cloud as-a-service, sign up now for a strategy session. We’re here to help.

Jorge Miramontes is a senior product manager on the Private Cloud team at Rackspace, where’s he’s worked since 2016. Prior to joining the RPC team, Jorge worked in Rackspace’s public cloud since 2010 where he led product development efforts as both a software developer and product manager on the Cloud Load Balancing and Cloud Networks product lines. He currently resides in San Antonio, TX.