Serving From The CDN For The Holidays

A question that we get here at Rackspace is, “How many servers do I need to handle all my holiday traffic?” It is a pretty difficult question to answer because of all of the different variables. Because of the cost-effective nature of the cloud, one answer might be to overprovision and have extra resources to make sure that you site can handle a large amount of traffic. However, there is another way that not a lot of people think about: serving your landing page off of our Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Most people think about their cloud configuration having a load balancer up front with the web and database servers below it. Sometimes a spike of traffic might not let it perform the way you want it to. One way to mitigate this risk is to have a static home page served off the CDN.

Doing this leverages all the geographically dispersed servers across the globe, to make sure that when someone comes to your website, they are going to get that web presence of your landing page. Now, this page is not going to be dynamic, but your customers will be able to click through to access your shopping cart or application. Having a landing page on the CDN is a safe guard to ensure that you always have a landing page for your visitors to access.

Interested in finding out more to help you prep for the holidays? Check out Joseph’s white paper now. You can also view his previous post where he gives tips on load balancing for the holidays and check out his next post where he talks about how to prep your site for a high traffic event.


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