SharePoint 2013: Week Of Free Webinars Starts Monday, Aug. 27

With SharePoint 2013 in beta, we wanted to bring what we’ve learned straight to you. Join us for a week of webinars hosted by our SharePoint experts.

All times are CDT

SharePoint 2013: An Information Workers Introduction with Jennifer Mason, Monday, Aug. 27 at 1 p.m.
With each new release of SharePoint there are many small features that make a big impact. In this 30-minute session, Jennifer Mason will give a glimpse into these new features.  We will give an overview of what the new sites experience will be for users and navigate through some of the common settings that can be configured. For those who are new to SharePoint 2013, this overview will give you the 30,000 foot view into what’s new and what you can expect to see when you create a new solution within 2013.
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SharePoint 2013: A More Social Enterprise with Laura Rogers, Monday, Aug. 27 at 2 p.m.
In SharePoint 2013, it is more natural than ever to get the enterprise involved socially with SharePoint.  In this 30-minute session, Laura Rogers will give you a glimpse of several of the new and the improved features of SharePoint…socially.  We will take a look at community portals and sites, with the improved discussion boards, tagging, activity feeds and the ability to follow content and people.  The new My Site will also be demonstrated, along with all of the different and new functionality, such as the rollup of a user’s tasks from anywhere in SharePoint.  Laura will not only demonstrate these features, but show an example of a day in the life of an information worker, and how natural it will be to make social participation a part of their daily activities.
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Installing and Configuring SharePoint 2013 on a Test Machine with Todd Klindt, Tuesday, Aug. 28 at 2 p.m.
By now we all know that the SharePoint 2013 beta is out, and it’s just begging you to install it. But it has some new parts. There are new switches to flip and knobs to turn. How can you be sure which of those knobs is safe to turn up to 11? Spend an hour with Todd Klindt and watch him configure a new SharePoint 2013 farm. He’ll walk you through each step and explain the settings. At the end he’ll have a functioning SharePoint 2013 farm, and you’ll have a handful of scripts, a head full of SharePoint 2013 smarts, and the ability the create a SharePoint 2013 farm that you won’t be ashamed to show your friends –even your non-nerdy friends.
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Let’s Play with Upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 with Shane Young, Wednesday, Aug. 29 at 2 p.m.
Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 is a lot the same but yet different enough from 2010 that is worth a quick peek. For this session we will take a look at the upgrade process and notice there is only one option this time. From there we will see that we have a 2010 site collection even though it is 2013, and while we have seen that trick before with visual upgrade, that isn’t what this is. This time the portion of the upgrade of changing over the content and look and feel is radically different. This will not be the end all, be all upgrade session, but it should give you enough to try it out for yourself and see where you are at.
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SharePoint 2013 Architectural Changes for Web Developers with Tom Resing, Thursday, Aug. 30 at 1 p.m.
SharePoint 2013 has improvements many web developers have been waiting for. Tom will give you an overview of some changes Microsoft has made behind the scenes that effect how web pages are rendered and accessed. Learn about and see effects of improved Host-named site collections, better HTML Rendering and new Metadata driven friendly web addresses.
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What’s New with Web Content Management in SharePoint Server 2013? with John Ross, Thursday, Aug. 30 at 2 p.m.
The way we think about and approach web content management (WCM) in SharePoint is about to change.  In the past, the way we’d always thought about planning a WCM project hinged on where our content in SharePoint was located, and then we tagged it with metadata and surfaced it with things like the Content Query Web Part (CQWP). SharePoint Sever 2013 changes things by driving content management via search, which opens up many new powerful possibilities. In this session I’ll provide an overview of the new WCM features in SharePoint Server 2013 and explain the benefits of search driven content management, and how this will change the way we approach SharePoint projects.
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Moving to SharePoint 2013 from Your File Share with Jeff DeVerter, Friday, Aug. 31 at 11 a.m.
SharePoint 2013 represents a substantial improvement in core capabilities and user experience. In this session we will explore the new user interface and capabilities of SharePoint as we go through the example of moving a corporate file-share into SharePoint 2013. We will do this through the viewpoint of several personas within the company so we can also see the vast improvements in the social-networking capabilities contained with SharePoint 2013.
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Introduction to SharePoint App Model with Jonathan Mast, Friday, Aug. 31 at1 p.m.
During this session we’ll take a look at the newcomer to the SharePoint Customization Party™: SharePoint Apps.  Apps, combined with investments in SharePoint’s REST and Client Object Models, provide a mechanism for developers to provide complete solutions to users as “SharePoint Apps.”  These apps can run as a SharePoint Hosted App, a Provider Hosted App or a Cloud (or “Auto”) hosted App based on the provider’s requirements.  This talk will cover an overview of the SharePoint App Model including architecture and security.  We’ll also show an example of creating a basic app from within Visual Studio.
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What’s New for Branding in SP2013 with Randy Drisgill, Friday, Aug. 31 at 2 p.m.
With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has a made a large investment in new features that allow designers to more easily apply custom styles and branding to their SharePoint sites. In this session we will look at how the SharePoint branding story has evolved for SharePoint 2013 and explore some of these new features like the Design Manager, Managed Navigation, Device Channels, Composed Looks and more.
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Shane has more than 15 years of experience architecting and administering large-scale server farms using Microsoft enterprise technologies. For the past seven years, he has been working exclusively with SharePoint products and technologies as a consultant and trainer.


  1. Thank you for hosting these webinars. Great group of folks providing really good information to help SharePoint professional and organizations make wise decisions.

  2. Thank you Rackspace / 911 for hosting these webinars. Very comprehensive in SharePoint content. Presenters provided current information germane to SharePoint. Informed, wise decisions can be made after participating in these webinars. Well Done!


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