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SharePoint Conference 2012 Recap And Resources


Change is everywhere. And it can be exciting. The fireworks at the end of the SharePoint Conference 2012 attendee party put a punctuation mark on the energy and excitement felt about upcoming changes.

How do the changes announced at SharePoint Conference affect you and me? SharePoint 2013 and Yammer will affect some more than others. The new products will affect some sooner than later. Attendees learned a lot and are using their new knowledge to figure out a strategy for change. You can too.

Resources For You

My co-worker Jennifer Mason gave her perspective earlier on the keynote. Her big takeaways? Microsoft wants you to consider SharePoint in the cloud and Microsoft is putting the user of SharePoint first in their product design. I also noticed a new message about Yammer. Yammer’s Silicon Valley startup influence is expected to effect change of product development practices at Microsoft. See for yourself. The keynote is available on YouTube in HD (click the image to watch).

Yammer, the cloud and the new App Model for SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 were the focus of all of the breakout sessions I attended.

The App Model

The App Model is a huge shift that will open opportunities for many developers who may have never considered SharePoint Development before. In the past, SharePoint Development was done on a SharePoint Server only and in .Net only. The App Model removes both those requirements. SharePoint Development can be done in Visual Studio on the desktop and SharePoint resources can be used by code run on servers that don’t even run Windows!

Microsoft has released a ton of new information for you to learn more about the Yammer changes and the App Model this week to compliment conference announcements. Here are a few examples:

Rackspace also released a bunch of content for you this week to help with the changes including:

Tom’s Conference Photo Album

Part of the excitement of the conference is the community of attendees. Now that I’ve shared some technical details, I want to share a little bit of that community in photos I took or was in.

I wish I had pictures of all the great things my co-workers were doing at the conference, but I don’t. In lieu of that, I’ll share some highlights of the conference events and attendees I encountered.

Above is a picture of me in the middle of five other Microsoft Certified Masters in SharePoint. Overall, around 60 of the about 120 MCMs were at the conference, highlighting the importance of the conference in the minds of some technical leaders.

I participated in a book signing with four of my Microsoft Press co-authors Wednesday. Most of the SharePoint book authors were present at the conference and many were signing books.

Seeing as Rackspace is headquartered in Texas, this picture of my friend Eric Shupps is appropriate. Eric, who goes by the SharePoint Cowboy, encouraged attendees with good humor in an excellent technical presentation I attended.

Throughout the week, the Rackspace booth employed an artist making a picture inspired by our MVPs and one MCM. I’m the one with the eight-bit glasses.

Watch for more informational posts following up the conference on the blog feed of our experts at


About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Tom Resing.

Tom’s first programming job was in 1992 as an intern writing Pascal code. Since November 2006, he has focused his consulting and development solutions on the SharePoint platform exclusively. Tom’s passion for learning and technology drove him to achieve the Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint 2007. Tom co-authored SharePoint Foundation 2010 Inside Out published by Microsoft Press and publishes an average of two articles a month to He also is very involved with the technical community, helping to lead the San Antonio SharePoint User Group for the last threeyears, organizing two SharePoint Saturdays and speaking at many conferences and community events. Follow @resing on Twitter for short SharePoint updates.

  • ZephaniaFields

    Amazing Team and I think easy way to Developing is the team Work so Keep it up.

  • Philip Chaney

    Development capabilities will make it easier to customize SharePoint apps.

  • Howard Price

    This conference looks great and InfraGistics has performed well, seems at first instance. Well, in MS SharePoint talk, we have organised utility to simplify the development processes. SharePoint has become the bridge between MS SharePoint developers and entrepreneurs.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Seminare

    Thanks for sharing informations about the SharePoint Conference 2012.
    Few montah ago I took part in a SharePoint Workshop and since this time spent a lot of time in working with it.
    Hope that I could take part in such a conference some day.

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