SharePoint Permissions: Custom Scenarios

In this edition of our SharePoint permissions blog series, we cover three topics regarding different places in SharePoint where permissions can be applied. These three videos contain graphical examples and demonstrations of real world scenarios when managing SharePoint permissions.

•Video 1: SharePoint Site Level Permissions
•Video 2: SharePoint List and Library Level Permissions
•Video 3: SharePoint Item (and Folder) Level Permissions

After watching these videos, you will understand at a more detailed level how permissions are set at the site, list, and item level in SharePoint.

And don’t forget to check out our previous videos, which take a high level view of how permissions are managed within SharePoint Online; a more detailed look at SharePoint permissions; and understanding permissions inheritance and limited access.

Laura Rogers was a Senior SharePoint Consultant and a Microsoft MVP. She has eight years of experience in SharePoint implementation, training, customization and administration. Her focus is on making the most of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities. She works extensively with SharePoint Designer workflows, InfoPath and Data View Web Parts. Follow Laura on Twitter: @WonderLaura.


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