SharePoint 101: Using SharePoint with Office Programs

Millions of users depend on the Microsoft Office suite. With that in mind, Microsoft built SharePoint to work seamlessly with Office programs. This relationship allows users to work with SharePoint data without leaving Office applications, as well as manipulate data in Office applications directly in SharePoint. Here’s a list of the most popular Office programs and how they interact with SharePoint.


  • Edit documents offline and update them to SharePoint when you’re back online
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds to get notifications of changes to SharePoint lists
  • Connect a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook and view it along with your main calendar
  • Create events in your Outlook calendar that automatically populate to a SharePoint calendar
  • Synchronize contacts and task lists between SharePoint and Outlook
  • View copies of SharePoint documents in Outlook using Office applications


  • Publish documents directly from Word to a SharePoint Document Library or Workspace
  • Use the document check out feature to track edits from other users and prevent simultaneously editing documents
  • Edit documents in Word and save changes directly to SharePoint
  • See who made what changes and revert to previous version with version tracking feature
  • Create new blog posts using Word and publish directly to your SharePoint blog


  • Edit spreadsheets and lists in Excel and save changes directly to SharePoint
  • Document check out feature keeps users from simultaneously editing Excel files and tracks changes made by other users
  • Export SharePoint Lists in datasheet view as an Excel spreadsheet to perform data calculations or analysis
  • View copies of Excel spreadsheets saved in SharePoint


  • Create or edit presentations in PowerPoint and save directly to SharePoint 
  • File check out feature prevents simultaneously editing files and tracks edits from other users
  • Publish slides directly from PowerPoint to a SharePoint library or workspace
  • View copies of PowerPoint presentations saved in SharePoint

For step-by-step instructions on how to connect Outlook to SharePoint, view the Outlook & SharePoint Integration webinar. Visit our Support Site for a full list of SharePoint-related webinars and instructions on how to use SharePoint features.

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