SharePoint 101: Watch and Learn SharePoint Basics

Some providers sign you up for a complex problem solver like SharePoint® and leave you on your own. Not the Fanatics at Rackspace. We’ve pulled together a few of our SharePoint webinar resources to present you with an easy way to find out what SharePoint is and some basics of getting started. Each week, we’ll deliver a new tip to help you make the most out of SharePoint.

Do You Need SharePoint?
Take a look at these presentations to get a feel for how you can use SharePoint to streamline business communication.

  • Introduction to SharePoint
    Watch this 2-minute overview of what you can do with SharePoint and how it can benefit your business. View Now
  • SharePoint Demo
    Delve deeper into how Hosted SharePoint works in this recorded webinar with a SharePoint Product Manager. View Now

Start Using SharePoint
For those just getting up and running with SharePoint, we have a few videos to introduce to some of the basic uses of SharePoint.

  • Outlook and SharePoint Integration
    Tap the productivity and convenience benefits of Outlook and SharePoint integration.  View Now
  • Creating a SharePoint Document Library
    Join us for a 20-minute webinar with step-by-step instructions on how to use the document repository features of SharePoint. View Now
  • Managing Your Team with SharePoint
    This guest webinar from our friends at SharePoint 911 walks you through customizing SharePoint for team management and tracking. View Now

These are just a few of the recorded SharePoint webinars we offer. To find out about and register for upcoming, live SharePoint webinars, view the SharePoint webinar calendar or visit the list of recorded webinars for past SharePoint presentations.

Lizetta Staplefoote is a Rackspace Marketing Copywriter with a decade of experience writing about small business challenges for healthcare, real estate, and technology. Her passion is researching and writing about the impact of cloud computing. When she's not wordsmithing, she enjoys hanging out with her sons, exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains, and feeding her music addiction.


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