SharePoint 101: Watch and Learn SharePoint Basics

Filed in by Lizetta Staplefoote | November 11, 2010 2:20 pm

Some providers sign you up for a complex problem solver like SharePoint® and leave you on your own. Not the Fanatics at Rackspace. We’ve pulled together a few of our SharePoint webinar resources to present you with an easy way to find out what SharePoint is and some basics of getting started. Each week, we’ll deliver a new tip to help you make the most out of SharePoint.

Do You Need SharePoint?
Take a look at these presentations to get a feel for how you can use SharePoint to streamline business communication.

Start Using SharePoint
For those just getting up and running with SharePoint, we have a few videos to introduce to some of the basic uses of SharePoint.

These are just a few of the recorded SharePoint webinars we offer. To find out about and register for upcoming, live SharePoint webinars, view the SharePoint webinar calendar[6] or visit the list of recorded webinars for past SharePoint presentations[7].

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