Sharpening Our DevOps Expertise For Your Innovative App

It was only a few years ago that Rackspace did everything manually to launch new products. The process would take us two years and by the time the product launched, someone would beat us on time to market and it would diminish our hard work. We were entering the cloud market and it was clear that we either had to innovate more quickly and get products out faster or we would not be competitive in this growing, fast-paced market.

Today, Rackspace has a DevOps culture and we use DevOps tools for our cloud. This has allowed us to:

  • Launch 18 new products in the past 18 months
  • Make more than 2,500 live code updates to our production environment, without customer interruption
  • Run more than 15,000 automated tests before a customer sees the impact of a single line of code

Rackspace would not be able to innovate faster or operate at this massive level of scale without DevOps — our infrastructure is large and automation removes the burden of manual updates across thousands and thousands of servers.

It’s time for us to share our DevOps practices

Now it’s time to give back and to share the DevOps lessons we have learned with you, our customers, so you can innovate faster. With Rackspace DevOps Automation Service, we hook your business up with a team of Rackspace DevOps specialists to offer you access to the tools and expertise needed to automate the process of deploying and scaling applications in a hybrid infrastructure (yes, dedicated servers plus public cloud).

If the cloud was in its infancy until now, it’s about to enter the Industrial Age. By offering our DevOps expertise to our customers, we allow their developers to focus on writing beautiful code and innovation without having to worry about operations, deployment and scaling.

We keep learning: World’s first 10 SaltStack Certified Engineers

Let’s face it; DevOps is hard and you have to constantly hone your skills. We make it easy by giving you access to specialists who can help. To do that, we welcome any opportunity for Rackers to deepen their knowledge of DevOps.

Two Rackers in particular, Mike Martin on our DevOps Automation team and Bruce Stringer of our Core Cloud team, were recently named among the first 10 SaltStack Certified Engineers in the world; and we now have a handful of Rackers who are among the first crop of SaltStack Certified Engineers.

These SaltStack Certifications and the Rackers who have earned them provide the third-party validation that you can trust our experts. We speak the language and we know the tools. We talk the talk and walk the walk.

While Rackspace does not yet support SaltStack externally, these certifications show how much we care about DevOps and how we’re adamant about evaluating the best solutions to help you tackle the growing need for DevOps within your businesses while also leveraging DevOps ourselves.

As more DevOps certifications come on line, you can be sure our Rackspace specialists will be among the first to achieve them. Whether that’s Ansible or Chef, or any of the other DevOps tools we currently support with DevOps Automation Service; we’ll attain the certifications necessary to showcase our expertise in DevOps and ensure we’re armed with the constantly changing and best knowledge available in the industry.

Focus on your innovative app

The hard truth is that if you have a good idea, it’s likely that five of your competitors are also thinking about it. And if you have a great idea, 50 competitors are probably already thinking about it. Therefore, executing faster and a swifter time to market is even more important now. You have hired the world’s best developers to build the groundbreaking applications your business needs. Let your developers focus on innovating quickly while our DevOps specialists focus on automating your infrastructure. Our team of DevOps specialists will implement best practices and build a full DevOps methodology for you through recipes, cookbooks and the tools you need to achieve success.

Want to innovate faster? Give our DevOps Automation Service a try and have a team of Rackspace DevOps specialists on hand to help you automate and free you up to focus on your app.

Upcoming DevOps Webinar

Are you interested in learning more about how we can automate your application and infrastructure using DevOps? Join us for a webinar at 1 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 featuring the Rackspace DevOps Automation Team.

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