Should Your CEO Blog?

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The CEO blog is prized for everything from putting a face on your company to broadcasting your brand vision.

They’re also powerful tools for building customer relationships. Corporate websites that feature blogs, including CEO blogs, have been found to enjoy more visits than those without.

If the quarterback of your company fits one of the profiles below, it’s time to pitch a CEO blog that gives her or him a pulpit.

Profile: your CEO is a thought leader

You don’t usually see the words “PR guy” and “trust” in the same sentence. But together they’ve been used to describe Richard Edelman. His trusted standing has been partly earned through his popular blog 6 A.M., on which he shares insights and lessons he’s gathered as leader of his namesake global communications marketing firm. Edelman’s regular posts on building trust, engaging customers, and embracing new media have helped establish him as a thought leader and public relations pioneer.

Takeaway: Your CEO has a unique understanding of your company, industry expertise and (hopefully) vision. Don’t hide these assets. Getting your CEO to share his knowledge and ideas on a CEO blog can boost his status as an industry influencer and set your brand apart from competitors.

Profile: your CEO has a big personality

Even if you don’t follow professional basketball, chances are you know Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. His headline-grabbing antics have made him more identifiable than the players who rotate through the Mavericks roster.

Cuban’s long-running Blog Maverick extends his firebrand personality. In his unfiltered and unapologetic style, he’s weighed in on everything from the Sixth Amendment to tabloid journalism to his first colonoscopy.

Takeaway: People often complain corporations are cold and remote. Giving your charismatic CEO a platform to share opinions, advice and personal tastes can infuse personality into your brand. Cuban’s blog topics put a very human face on his brand, which generates a lot of comments. He connects with customers on a more personal level.

Profile: your CEO embodies the brand

Marriott International’s corporate blog, Marriot on the Move, feels as warm and inviting as one of the hotel chain’s freshly made beds.

That’s due to the touch of its sole author, Executive Chairman Bill Marriott. In posts such as “Smiles are Better Than Smiley Faces” and “Family First,” Marriot uses personal anecdotes to illuminate his company’s values. Each post is written in Marriot’s homespun voice and ends with the sign off “I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.”

Takeaway: When your CEO personifies the brand, convince him to inject his voice into the company blog. It’s an easy and effective way to communicate the company’s culture and values. And as one Harvard Business Review study revealed, 64 percent of consumers build brand relationships based on shared values.

Now that’s something to blog about.

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