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Filed in by Angela Bartels | July 23, 2010 10:50 am

We’ve talked about Standing Cloud[1], a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner[2], and you may have heard about them on TechCrunch[3]. Standing Cloud allows you to easily deploy and manage open source applications on Rackspace Cloud Servers[4] in minutes! Most IT professionals use cloud computing[5] to get their configuration online quickly – Standing Cloud takes it to the next level. They are taking the headaches out of learning how to configure a series of open source applications and have turned it into a simple 3 click process for you.

Standing Cloud currently supports over 50 open source applications, including all the usual favorites such as WordPress, Drupal, and SugarCRM, as well as more special-purpose systems like Hudson and Mantis.  They continue to add several new applications each month, and not only LAMP-stack apps – there are also Rails and JBoss applications available, and they’re always taking requests.

Learn more about Standing Cloud and how they can help you manage your open source applications seamlessly in their upcoming webinar[6]. In this webinar you will learn how to install and launch an open source application on a  Rackspace Cloud Server in under one minute as well as see how powerful features, such as backup and restore, can be presented in an easy-to-use manner. Details below.

Date: Thursday, July 29th
Time: 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST

Click here to sign up.[7]

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