Skydera: Best-in-Class Cloud Command & Control Products

Founded in 2009 in the Silicon Valley, Skydera is focused on providing best-in-class cloud command & control products and services that make the cloud enterprise a reality, while complementing both public and private cloud infrastructure services and vendors. Skydera C3 delivers true Platform-as-a-Service for cross-cloud IT and is customizable to support the demanding requirements of SaaS ISVs and IaaS/PaaS vendors.

“The cloud allows for explosive growth. The cloud gives us a lot of flexibility and a lot of utility. Skydera is from a small or medium size enterprise including startups,” says Lecole Cole, founder & CEO, Skydera. “We have a dashboard to see what costs you have so you can see how many servers you are using per hour, how it breaks down per user and department and if you are utilizing all of your reserve instances. We also have an overall dashboard to see what the health of your infrastructure is over time.”

Skydera C3 is the breakthrough cloud automation and management environment designed from the ground up to deliver easy-to-use Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the age of cross-cloud IT. In addition to providing full-featured cloud application deployment and lifecycle management, Skydera C3 delivers the 4 major ‘must-haves’ for true cloud command and control in the age of the cloud enterprise. Those ‘must-haves” are cross cloud PaaS, radically simplified developer self-service, intelligent automation & granular scaling, and intelligent cost controls.

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