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Small Business, Big Party at SXSW 2010


The Small Business Web

Get connected with Rackspace and other members of the software-as-a-service revolution known as The Small Business Web during the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. Drinks, food and fun surprises abound.


4-7pm Saturday, March 13
The Pure Volume House at 504 Trinity St, Austin, TX.

You must sign up here for the party. Austin law requires us to have a guest list.

About The Small Business Web

The Small Business Web is a movement to bring together like-minded, customer-obsessed software companies to integrate our respective products and make life easier for small businesses.  There are over 70 companies to date that have joined The Small Business Web.  Such companies as FreshBooks, MailChimp and BatchBlue are all members to date.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Cameron Nouri.

A Racker, Golfer, Cloud Evangelist, Tech Enthusiast, Entrepreneurial Focused Individual that above all else is loving life!

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    Great post – thanks!

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