SnapPages: Rackspace Cloud Databases A ‘Huge Advantage’

The ability to spin up databases on demand without having to buy, configure and size a server was a “no brainer” that drew SnapPages to the Rackspace open cloud and Cloud Databases.

SnapPages offers tools to help people easily build their own web sites. It’s aimed at both technical and non-technical folks. As the company has grown, the amount of customer data and customer content SnapPages manages has exploded. The company said it manages more than 1 million pages of customer data and content, and is heavily reliant on databases to store sites, settings and code.

In this video, SnapPages CEO and Founder Steve Testone and CTO TJ Horlacher talk about how Rackspace Cloud Databases has made their lives easier and how the ability to spin up affordable databases on demand and in real time is a “huge advantage” over the previous methods of creating dedicated equipment, installing SQL and watching costs skyrocket. “It allows us to not have to worry about scaling … it just works,” Testone said.


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