Sneak Peek at our Plans

Last week we shared our view of the emerging world of on demand computing with some key partners and customers in San Francisco, CA.   We are really excited about the future of what on demand computing presents and we want to share our plans for the future.

You can check out all of the highlights for our company in a blog post Lew Moorman, our Chief Strategy Officer, wrote on The Rackspace Blog.

Below are the specific plans around our division here at Rackspace that Lew shared:

“… We have big plans for our Apps and Email division.  We are currently supporting over 1.2 million business class email seats.  We continue to build out the best Exchange-IMAP hybrid email system that brings huge saving to our customers.  But, we are also moving on to the next core IT problem.  We want to help businesses solve their basic storage issues.  So in the coming months you will see a few new offers from us.  One, an advanced, but low cost mail archiving offer.  So whether you are sick of managing large PSTs or need a compliance tool, giving your employees unlimited archiving will soon be an affordable option.  Next, we plan to offer a variety of tools to help with basic collaboration and backup.  Every business needs a basic fileshare.  A centrally managed, infinitely scalable fileshare is on the way.  And, want to offer your employees an automated PC backup and web access tool?  Stick around.“

Exciting times!  Stay tuned.

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