Soaring To The Inc. 5000 – How The Hybrid Cloud Propelled Our Business To Success

This is a guest post written and contributed by Luke Wallace, COO at SMS Masterminds, a Rackspace Hybrid Cloud customer. SMS Masterminds is a hyper-local text messaging (SMS) platform that enables local businesses to build, launch and measure SMS marketing campaigns.

The core focus of our business at SMS Masterminds is the ability to deliver localized text messages in a timely fashion to 1.2 million subscribers a month. We offer our customers hyper-local SMS messaging to empower their marketing campaigns. Local operators of several brands, such as Papa Murphy’s Pizza, use our platform to offer deals to consumers in their area through our loyalty and mobile marketing service platform.

Essentially, we must guarantee our clients high uptime and reliability. That’s why we chose Rackspace.

With the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud, we have the peace of mind of live monitoring and quick response from our account teams, which helps us prevent problems before they even happen.

This was not possible with our previous managed hosting provider. Issues began piling and several took too long to resolve. In came Rackspace, which also aided in finding a third-party vendor that assisted with our migration. At this point we realized we were in good hands – with so many things that can go wrong with migrations, both Rackspace and the migration partner stood by us the entire way.

Fast-forward a few months and by utilizing Rackspace’s Hybrid Cloud we are able to more rapidly develop new features and product offerings to our clients. This is important because we license the SMS Masterminds platform and this requires us to train and develop licensees so they can effectively sell the product in their market.

By using Rackspace Hybrid Cloud we now have the ability to separate our live production environment from our testing one as we help each licensee set up and test. This has given us the freedom to focus on product development and business growth, and land in the 2013 Inc. 5000 at number 731 in just a little over four years of existence.

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