SOASTA: Speedily Spinning Up Thousands Of Servers On The Rackspace Open Cloud [Video]

SOASTA needs its cloud to be fast. The 4-year-old cloud-based web and mobile performance testing upstart sometimes spins up thousands of servers at a time from more than a dozen different providers in a host of different locations. SOASTA needs speed, which is why it turned to the Rackspace open cloud, namely Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack.

SOASTA simulates the amount of traffic hitting a web site and analyzes that data to show how sites would perform under specific circumstances; whether it’s people sending e-cards on Valentine’s Day or a rush to buy tickets to a major springing event. SOASTA determines how that experience will go for people various locations.

Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack and the OpenStack API let SOASTA work swiftly. Dave Murphy, senior vice president of delivery for SOASTA, said the ability to spin up 200 servers in 20 minutes is powerful. “We would not be in business if we couldn’t do that,” he said.

In this video, hear from Murphy and SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos about how and why SOASTA uses the Rackspace open cloud:


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