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Social Automation, Blueprints And Deployment Services

Our philosophy of “social automation” led to a desire for anyone to be able to contribute to the automation scripts and blueprints used by the Deployment Services. We have been able to take our Rackers’ knowledge and best practices around applications and frameworks and store that in code that can deploy a full-fledged configuration. Additionally, if something unexpected occurs while the automation is running, which causes a failure in the process, we want to allow a person to intervene, pause the automation engine and manually take over. Find out more in this video below.

Find our more about Rackspace Deployment Services by reading Ziad’s introduction post. Find out how Rackspace has been using this service internally by clicking here.


About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Ziad Sawalha.

Ziad Sawalha is a Director in the Product organization at Rackspace. He spends his time creating, designing, coding and evangelizing solutions to customer problems. He was the first PTL for Keystone - the identity service in OpenStack - which he lead through incubation to becoming a core project. He architected Rackspace's Hosted SharePoint offer. And most recently, he helped create and launch the Rackspace Deployments Service.

His work before joining Rackspace included consulting in technology, being CTO at Mi8 Corporation in New York and hopping on and off boats, helicopters and oil rigs in Qatar doing all things technology at Occidental Petroleum.

When he's not persistently thinking through technology issues he's busy juggling being a father to newborn twins and his 4-year-old son, trying to win points as a good husband, playing with Steve the dog or letting the chickens out of the coop (which often docks him points on the "good husband" scale).

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