Social Automation, Blueprints And Deployment Services

Filed in Product & Development by Ziad Sawalha | September 17, 2013 4:00 pm

Our philosophy of “social automation” led to a desire for anyone to be able to contribute to the automation scripts and blueprints used by the Deployment Services[1]. We have been able to take our Rackers’ knowledge and best practices around applications and frameworks and store that in code that can deploy a full-fledged configuration. Additionally, if something unexpected occurs while the automation is running, which causes a failure in the process, we want to allow a person to intervene, pause the automation engine and manually take over. Find out more in this video below[2].

Find our more about Rackspace Deployment Services by reading Ziad’s introduction post[3]. Find out how Rackspace has been using this service internally by clicking here.


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