Social Studio — What Should You Be Listening For?

With all the digital channels of communication out there, you probably have your work cut out trying to connect with your entire target market online. It can be even more difficult to engage with your audience if you don’t know how they feel about your brand. That’s because you can’t really respond to people if you haven’t listened to what they have to say first.

That’s where social listening comes in. Social listening differs from social monitoring by offering a more nuanced, contextual look at what people are saying about your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Listening to social chatter with a program like Social Studio can inform how you market your brand online — but only if you know what to look for.

Read on to find out exactly what you should be listening out for on social media with the powerful Social Studio tool.

What People Really Think of Your Brand  

The principle purpose of social listening is to see what your customers or potential customers are really saying about your brand. You should use Social Studio to scour social media platforms for positive mentions of your company, as well as posts that mention your brand alongside terms like “the worst” and “annoyed.”

Identifying the major wins and losses according to real-time feedback lets you know where to take your messaging. If customers are consistently complaining about your confusing website, you’ll know to rethink its design. In the meantime, you can develop a small campaign to educate people on navigating your site. You can even jump in using your branded social media account to answer complaints or thank people for their positive feedback.

How Much Your Customers Don’t Know

In addition to finding out what your customers do think, Social Studio lets you take a look at what your target market doesn’t know. Why will this help? When you get a handle on the types of questions people are asking about your brand or industry, you’ll be better prepared to join the conversation. Use commonly asked questions as content inspiration for your social marketing campaigns.

When a spike in questions about Cancun are detected, your travel company will respond by posting a helpful Cancun travel guide. When Social Studio tells you people under 35 are asking a lot of questions about whether they should cancel their cable, your electronics business will share an FAQ blog called “Everything Millennials Should Know Before Cutting Cable.” Figure out what information people are seeking and then offer it. After all, becoming a well of knowledge builds trust.

How Your Competitors are Being Mentioned

Don’t just track your own reputation — go ahead and spy on your biggest competition with Social Studio, too. See what people don’t like about your competitors and use that information to create an alternative in the marketplace. Does everyone say your biggest rival needs a price point under $40? Develop a service package that starts at $39.99 and market it on social.

Reach out to customers who are complaining about your competitor by searching for terms like “[competitor brand] can’t.” Let them know how your brand can solve their issue. When you become an active problem solver, you may be able to bring on eager customers who are dissatisfied with their current service.

The Influential Accounts You Need to Know

Social media influencers start a lot of the dialogue in your industry. Let Social Studio identify accounts with a large number of followers who frequently mention your brand or the industry topics that you care about. An influencer who recommends you highly can become a social media partner, sharing your content or reviewing your product. An influential account that is skeptical of your product can be engaged for constructive criticisms; you may be able to turn the relationship around — but only if you know what’s being said.

You should also listen for relevant hashtags, particularly ones used by influencers. When people mention your brand or industry, do they also tag it with #Marketing101? Start hopping into the hashtag with your own content.

Social listening gives you a voyeuristic view of what people think of you, your competitors, and your industry at large. Stop engaging with customers based on a hunch and start developing marketing campaigns informed by what people actually want and need. Contact RelationEdge Digital Agency today to find out how we can help you devise an effective social media strategy for your business.