Software Developers Forum – Test-Driven Development

Wednesday night, I’ll be giving a presentation on Test-Driven Development (TDD) at the Software Developers Forum. Sponsored by the NCTC and made possible by many local companies in the New River Valley, the Software Developers Forum is a peer group for information exchange and relationship development, which strengthen the local technology industry.
In a nutshell, TDD is a software development technique that promotes a test-first method often advocated by the agile community. If you’re interested in learning about TDD, sharing your experiences with TDD, or eating free food, please attend the forum. We really want to see a great turnout.
The presentation will be on Wednesday, January 21st at 6pm. Luna Innovations is hosting the event at 1 Riverside Circle, Suite 400, Roanoke, VA. If you plan on attending, please kindly RSVP to Michele Wright at NetVentures by Monday, January 19th (Call 540-527-9000 or Email michele [at]


  1. Even though I am not involved in TDD approach myself, it makes a lot of sense to me because test cases let us define and clarify the input-output dependencies and their boundary conditions.


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