Speeding Up Page Load Times

There is nothing more annoying than a site not loading when you are browsing the web. Did you know that every second delay in page load time results in a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction?

One of the best options is hosting your large files, like photos and videos, on our Cloud Files offering rather than on the servers running your application. Doing this not only improves performance of your server, it can also result in a faster load time for your visitors because you take advantage of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The CDN is a network of geographically dispersed servers that can help deliver your files in a closer physical proximity to the requestor, speeding up the load time for your site.

Nathan Guerrero, one of our Cloud Launch Managers, talks more about the CDN in the video below, and if you are looking for even more information, browse over to Chuck Thier’s post on using object storage to decrease load times.

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