Spotlight on the Cloud – Requesting Submissions

Spotlight on the Cloud

We’re starting a new series called  Spotlight on the Cloud.  The series will cover websites hosted on Cloud Sites and include a combination of information about the site, the people behind it, why they chose Rackspace Cloud Hosting, and some commentary about why we think they are cool.  These will be generally non-technical posts, and will be in the “Spotlight on the Cloud” category on this blog.

We are currently looking for submissions.  Of course, we have a few rules – the domain must reside on Mosso Cloud Sites, or use Mosso Cloud Files.  No adult content (and honestly, it should be pretty tame content – we have a wide variety of readers here!)  Also, we don’t talk about our customers without your permission – so asking to be part of this is giving us permission 🙂

If you are interested in getting your site highlighted, please send an email to twitter [at] mosso [dot] com.  Please include the URL for the site, why you think it is cool/notewothy, why hosting it on Mosso is cool, and your contact information.

We expect to get a fair number of requests, and we may not be able to cover all of them – so sell us in your email!  We’ll set up a time for a call, and then work collaboratively with you on the post (but we will do most of the heavy lifting!)

The goal is to show the world what you can do on Rackspace Cloud Hosting and to show off some of the amazing sites we host here!

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