Spring Cleaning: Time to de-clutter your inbox

You know that Grandma who hoards everything? She probably has newspapers from a random Tuesday in 1993 just sitting around. You know those newspapers are useless; she knows they are useless, but years pass and there they sit. Why? Just in case.

The same thing happens with our inboxes. We keep our useless emails just like Grandma keeps her old newspapers. They fill our folders, they sabotage our searches and they just plain get in the way. But we keep them. Why? Just in case.

Email archiving solutions like Rackspace Archiving allow you to finally get rid of those dated emails. As emails come in, they get “journaled” or copied to an archiving portal where they remain stored and searchable for as long as you wish. This means you only keep the emails you know you’ll need and delete the rest.

Can you imagine? Searches would render 20 results instead of 150, making important emails accessible in seconds, rather than minutes. Folders would actually help you manage your emails again, rather than producing more clutter. So, cut the ties to those insignificant messages. And don’t worry; if you need them-we’ll have them. Just in case.

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