Squash Spam On Your Drupal Site

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Brant Darilek | February 11, 2013 10:30 am

No one likes spam. While most people think of it as being unwanted email, spam in the form of unwanted and bogus comments on a website is equally annoying. But on your Drupal site[1], you want users to comment and interact with your content, but you want to ensure that those comments are legit.

There are some Drupal modules that can help you automatically moderate the spam without having to manually delete hundreds or even thousands of comments daily.

Two modules in particular are AntiSpam and Mollom. Both of these modules help with the prevention and automatic deletion of spam in your Drupal site, however, they go about doing so in different ways. AntiSpam[2] uses multiple services such as Akismet.

Mollom[3] is a module that’s developed specifically for Mollom’s service. In addition to blocking spammy looking content, Mollom may block a known spammer based on information in their system. Mollom is free and also offers several different paid services for business and larger enterprise customers.

Those are two modules that I have used to control spam, which services do you use to prevent spam in Drupal? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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