Start Planning for Holiday Ecommerce Traffic Now [Infographic]


How soon is too soon to start planning for holiday ecommerce traffic?

With as much as 25-30 percent of annual revenue on the line, it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to reach, engage and convert online traffic this holiday season.

There’s a lot to consider and the stakes couldn’t be higher. With US online sales expected to reach $327 billion in 2016, now is the time to start thinking about how your business is going to get its share of that pie.

Adding to this urgency is the need to engage an increasingly savvy online consumer with an increasingly complex IT environment, dominated by mobile, which presents more competition than ever for consumer attention and revenue.

But by starting to adequately prepare now, you can set your business up for success when the apex of holiday shopping – Cyber Monday – rolls around, and ensure continued success throughout the holiday season.

We hope you’ll check out the infographic below. It outlines the things you need to be focusing your marketing and IT strategy on now to ensure your business is ready when the temperatures start dropping and consumers start opening their (virtual) wallets.

And of course, you aren’t alone on this journey. With experts in the leading ecommerce and web content platforms, Rackspace Digital can help guide you as you begin thinking about and preparing for success this holiday season. Visit our site for an overview of all that our specialized hosting solutions have to offer, or talk to a digital specialist now at (210) 312-4576.

Kristin Waldrop serves as product marketing manager for Dedicated Servers and Fanatical Support. She joined Rackspace in 2012 with nearly 10 years of enterprise-level technology strategy, consulting, and project management experience. Prior to joining Rackspace, Kristin helped shape IT strategies for some of the largest defense agencies in the U.S. at Booz Allen Hamilton. Connect with her on Twitter @KristinWaldrop.​


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