Startups, Rookies And More: A Look At A Day At Rackspace [Video]

It seems Fridays spark jubilation here at Rackspace, and March 9 was no exception: The day was bookended by a pair of major celebrations, each highlighting new beginnings.

The morning kicked off bright and early with the arrival of the StartupBus convoy, a fleet of buses chock full of entrepreneurs and startups – or, “buspreneurs,” if you will — bound for SXSW Interactive in Austin that made a stop at The Rack. The crew received a rousing welcome from Rackers and the Rackspace Startup Program, and was urged to “Get Your Awesome On.”

During the stopover, Rackspace rolled out the red carpet, giving the buspreneurs tips and advice from the likes of startup evangelist Robert Scoble, Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier, founders Pat Condon and Dirk Elmendorf and a host of others.

From there, the new and young companies were given the chance to pitch their wares and receive feedback from the experts before re-boarding the buses and heading north to Austin.

The festivities picked up again in the afternoon, where a graduating class of 120 new Rackers (including myself) graduated from Rackspace’s Rookie O. new hire orientation.

After a week of learning the ins and outs of Rackspace and participating in team-building exercises, the graduates were welcomed to the company with a grand bash. Though there was not an impromptu wedding at this Rookie O. graduation, the class hit the ground running ready to offer Fanatical Support and help Rackspace to be recognized as one of the world’s great service companies.

And throughout, Rackspace continued to provide customers world-class service and support.

Rackspace producer and video storyteller Dave Sims captured it all – and shot and edited it in a single day. Another Day In The Life here at Rackspace.


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