State of The Rackspace Cloud Podcast with GM & Founders – Episode 1

We published our Very First Podcast: State of The Rackspace Cloud with our GM, Emil Sayegh, and Founders, Jonathan Bryce, Todd Morey and Jason Seats.

These guys are busy but they are never too busy to talk to customers. We are in a fast paced industry and there’s always something new to tackle in this cloud computing world. The feedback we receive from our customers is what keeps us moving forward.

We wanted to give you an update on the what’s going on here at The Rackspace Cloud and allow our GM and Founders to directly answer questions from you, our customers and prospects.

In this Episode, here’s what we cover:

•    It’s Hot in Texas!
•    Cool Customers on The Rackspace Cloud
•    The Rackspace Cloud Tools Launch

Questions from Customers
•    Medium Trust on Cloud Sites – Why we made the switch.
•    Status on the Chicago Data-Center build out
•    Saved Images on Cloud Servers – When?
•    We’re re-designing our Website – Send us your feedback.
•    Are we opening a Data-center in the UK?
•    Will there be an API for Cloud Sites?
•    Question about Python/Ruby Cloud Servers API bindings
•    Windows on Cloud Servers – When?
•    One Click installs on Cloud Sites

•    We’re growing, hiring and moving!
•    The Rackspace Cloud is Out and About
•    Closing Remarks from Emil

I wanted to particularly thank our customers for asking questions. We tried to address the most popular inquiries we received from our quarterly survey. We also received questions via Twitter from @limeybloke, @daknoodle, @pedroaxl, @richardcbenson, @pseudonymuk, @bcrescimanno, @eric_bursley.

If you are driving, flying, or working out, try to listen in and give us your feedback.

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  • Brian

    Is there an RSS feed for the podcast?

    • The Feed for this Podcast is now right below the Download Link.

  • Kudos to a good podcast.

  • An informative and well presented podcast. Great stuff guys 🙂
    It would be great if you indicated the times within the podcast of the listed sections to help us navigate. (Alternatively, why not go video?!)

    • abartels

      Thanks for the feedback! I did include the Chapters when I created the podcast and I see that they aren’t showing up in iTunes. Let me check on that. I do like the video idea – maybe we’ll give that a try next time around.
      Thanks again,