Stipple: Liven Up Content within Images

Stipple is an in-picture labeling tool that allows publishers to label and share any person, place or thing in the photos on their site. Stipple allows brands, marketers and advertisers to have a conversation with their audience via images. When a user is looking at an image on the web, their interest level is at its peak and that’s precisely the point at which Stipple helps marketers and advertisers deliver their message.

“We started Stipple a couple of years ago, and we’re really focusing in on changing and reimagining photos online and fixing all of the problems around images and hopefully making them smart,” says Ray Flemings, founder and CEO of Stipple. “Stipple is free to get started. Connect your images via Flickr though our interface and at that point you can attribute and tell your story through your images. Every image will have a very beautiful attribution card, and everywhere we see that image on the internet, every time we see and encounter that image.”

Till now images have been primarily static entities on the web. Using Stipple’s revolutionary tagging and advertising platform, marketers and advertisers can “liven up” the content within their images and surface the stories contained within. Since Stipple tags live directly on the image, the context delivered is extremely well targeted. Stipple is a fast way to label the content of pictures on the web.

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