Storming the New York Stock Exchange

Last week marked the first ever Rackspace Financial Analyst Day at the New York Stock Exchange, which culminated with Graham Weston and several Rackspace customers ringing the closing bell.

The event took place in the Historic Boardroom of the NYSE and was a two day affair: the first night was a customer social and presentation from President and CEO Lanham Napier and Cloud President Lew Moorman; the second day was for Investors and Financial Analysts and can be viewed by going to the ‘Investor’ section at the bottom of the Rackspace homepage within the next week.

A panel Q&A with some of our largest east coast customers was also part of the event. The panel proved to be very popular…as in ‘standing room-only’ popular. Panelists included:

Analysts and customers expressed renewed confidence in our strategy and see the importance of Fanatical Support growing in the market.

Check back soon in the ‘Investor’ section of to get a full recap of the Rackspace Financial Analyst Day.


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