Stress-Free Scaling Of MongoDB With ObjectRocket

We recently caught up with Chris Lalonde, Co-Founder of ObjectRocket, to talk about MongoDB and ObjectRocket’s MongoDB database-as-a-service solution. Here are excerpts from that interview.

The time to a million users has shrunk drastically in the past decade. While Facebook took little more than 10 months to reach the million-user mark, Instagram was able to get there in fewer than 10 weeks. New web applications don’t have the luxury of time to work through scaling issues; they must scale from day one.

Fortunately, developers who use MongoDB on ObjectRocket don’t have to worry about the scaling complexities. If you need to grow your database, you simply click a button and you can get double the infrastructure. That is stress free scaling.

ObjectRocket fine-tunes hardware to get the highest performance out of MongoDB. Find out how easy it is to get started with ObjectRocket today.



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