Support for Mitaka in Rackspace Private Cloud v13

The OpenStack cloud software project moves steadily forward and remains on track for two new community release per year.

Mitaka was released last April, and Newton is just around the corner in October. At Rackspace, we’ve always taken a measured approach, making sure we work as quickly as we can to update our OpenStack-powered private cloud to the latest release while ensuring  what our customers receive is a stable, enterprise-grade offering.

Typically, users will see us adopt a new version three to six months after the community release date. This gives us the time required to complete the engineering and testing we began as part of the development cycle of the project and to wrap our managed services around the latest OpenStack software.

So five months after its initial release, Rackspace is happy to announce support for Mitaka in version 13 of our Rackspace Private Cloud offering based on upstream OpenStack. You can read more about the Mitaka release in this earlier blog post.

We began engineering work on this release well before the community released Mitaka in April. We submitted blueprints and code release that became part of the release. During development, we submitted patches and bug fixes to help stabilize the software — and we continue to submit bug fixes since the release. These fixes are an important part of our private cloud v13.

Developing in the open means we also make the deployment of Rackspace Private Cloud v13 transparent and available via the OpenStack-Ansible project. Practically, this means that the OpenStack-Ansible for Mitaka playbooks are exactly what Rackspace uses to deploy version 13 for our customers. This includes our reference architecture, recommended configurations for scaling and important OpenStack software patches. The latest iterations of OpenStack-Ansible includes security hardening configurations which we introduced in version 12 for Liberty and has been further refined in version 13.

Mitaka v13


But Rackspace Private Cloud isn’t really a software distribution. It is a managed services offering for an OpenStack-based private cloud that uses a specific reference architecture that we have encoded using the OpenStack-Ansible project. What makes our offering valuable to customers is Rackspace’s operational experience and expertise (1 billion hours’ worth) manifested in our ability to monitor and to manage private clouds on behalf of our customers.

This frees our customers to focus on IT transformation and application development while treating their single tenant private cloud the way they would treat our public cloud —consuming it as a service.

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