Support Ticket Tracking Tool Released

We have released a new tool which allows Administrators to communicate directly with our Customer Care team through their email control panel, and monitor the status of trouble tickets as they are being worked on.
Some of the features of note include:
– Ability to view old trouble tickets
– Send a copy of all communications to an email address as desired by the Administrator
– Provides the ability for Administrators to close their own trouble tickets
– Enables Administrators to confirm whether or not our solution solved the issue
– Offers Administrators the opportunity to grade our Customer Care Reps
The tool can be found in the Control Panel under a new option called “Ticketing

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  1. This is something that can be handled best by contacting our Customer Care team using the new ticketing tool detailed above.  I’ve checked and it looks like that ticket was submitted using the new tool yesterday and it looks like the issue was resolved by Katherine Reed of our team.

    Remember tickets can be closed and/or confirmed via the ticketing tool as well.

    Let us know if you have any questions!


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