New Support Site Adds to Fanatical Support

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Support Site.  It is the one location where you can access all of our support information for each of our services.

The new site was designed to give our customers immediate access to the support documentation they need. We took our existing support information, re-wrote it, organized it into categories and subcategories, and built a new search system so you can find your answers in a hurry – you can even access live chat support!

We built this new site on a content management system called Drupal. This system makes it easy to quickly update and add new content to the site. This system also supports media, like video and images.

To truly serve the changing needs of our customer base, we designed the support site to grow and evolve over time. We’ll continue investing in the site to ensure that it continues to be a source of Fanatical Support.  So, take a look around. Feel free to suggest new topics or opportunities for improvement, and we always welcome unsolicited praise. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that you have the support tools you need when you need help.

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