SureElements Relies on the Rackspace Cloud to Handle 8000% Increase in Traffic

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Every company wants their website to attract as many visitors as possible and ultimately convert those visitors into customers. But how do you prepare for one huge traffic spike, all on the same day…and you have no idea how many visitors to expect?

[1]Enter SureElements[2], a creative web agency based in New York and Washington, D.C. that has built numerous creative web solutions for clients since their founding in 2007. Their clients include the Academy of Radiology Research, Grand Central Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and the Coalition of Imaging & Bioengineering Research.

Companies are now turning to SureElements for a specific and growing service: preparing their company websites to be featured on[3], a daily emailed coupon that has mushroomed into a million-dollar business. Companies featured on Groupon often receive an unusually high amount of web traffic in a short period of time. While Groupon offers big discounts, many potential customers visit the featured company’s site themselves, to do a bit of research on the companies before they commit.

“If they go to the site and its not beautifully designed, they might be reluctant to buy, resulting in lost sales,” explains Julius Kurushko, CEO of SureElements.

To prepare for their big day on, Gentle Touch Laser Centers[4] hired SureElements to get their web solution into shape. SureElements needed to ensure that their client would have a plan in place to handle a huge influx of visitors, and prevent any interruption to their bottom line. SureElements turned to Rackspace Cloud Sites[5] for their web solution.  By using Cloud Sites, SureElements knew that their clients’ sites could scale on demand, handling enormous spikes in traffic with ease. This allows SureElements to focus on making the sites look and work great—and converting as many visitors into customers as possible. In addition to the web solution, SureElements implemented a buffer phone line (pro greeting with unlimited minutes and voicemails), client management system (to manage contacts and appointments), and other business tools.

“The most important reason we chose Rackspace Cloud Sites for hosting is to make sure that it’s scalable,” explains Kurushko. “If one of our sites became viral, creating a huge traffic spike, we have to make sure that the site is live and accessible.”

After being featured on, Gentle Touch Laser Centers experienced unbelievable demand. The website had an 8042% increase in web requests from a day before, and they sold more than 3,200 laser hair removal packages. It was an enormous success for Gentle Touch, and for SureElements.

“Our job is to make sure our clients’ sites can stay up and be available during the greatest spikes in traffic ever. And for that, we’re grateful to Rackspace and their Cloud Sites solution.”

Great traffic, great solution.

Watch Julius Kurushko talk about his success in person.

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