SXSW Interactive Roundup

We’ve been out at SXSW Interactive in full force for the past several days to bring you the latest on the open cloud and other happenings from the world-renowned Austin tech festival.

Here is an updated lineup of all of our coverage from SXSW Interactive 2013. Check back often, as we’ll continually update this page as more articles, blogs and stories come in from SXSW.

It’s a Wrap…The Rackspace Open Cloud Experience At SXSW Interactive
By John McKenna
SXSW Interactive 2013 is a wrap. Here’s a look back at The Rackspace Open Cloud Experience at SXSW.

White House Pushes For 1M Additional STEM Graduates Over Next Decade At SXSW
By Garrett Heath
As the world becomes more high tech, there is an increasing need for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) professionals, Brian Forde, senior advisor to the U.S. CTO, said at SXSW.

Food For Thought: Strange Marketing Techniques At SXSW Help Keep Austin Weird
By Leezia Dhalla
Exhibitors at SXSW Interactive are taking creative measures to rally for the attention of nearly 20,000 festival-goers expected to flood Austin’s streets this week. And Rackspace partner TriNet is driving buzz in a unique way.

SXSW: What Leap Motion’s New Controller Means For Web Sites
By Larry Meyer
The Leap Motion Controller, a device that allows you to control your computer with hand motions in mid-air, created quite a buzz with its public debut at SXSW Interactive. We caught up with the Leap Motion team to find out more. Check out the video.

Join The Rackspace Open Cloud Community At SXSW
By John McKenna
The Rackspace Open Cloud Community is on-hand throughout SXSW Interactive to get you signed up and tuned in to what’s going on in the community and its forums.

Big Data And Context: Moving To A ‘No Interface’ Future
By Garrett Heath
Samsung Innovation Labs Senior Designer Golden Krishna told the crowd at SXSW Interactive that we’ve become too dependent on screens and proposed moving to a ‘no interface’ world.

SXSW: Drone Games Showcase Leap, Sonar, Harlem Shake And The Chicken Dance
By Larry Meyer
At the Drone Games at SXSW, drones were powered by everything from a Leap Motion Controller and sonar to the Harlem Shake and the Chicken Dance. Check out this video of the competition.

Inside Rackspace’s Developer Zone At SXSW: Devs Talk Open Cloud
By John McKenna
Inside Rackspace’s Developer Zone at SXSW developers share their insight on the open cloud.

Building ‘Tiny Habits’ In Your App
By Garrett Heath
At SXSW Interactive, Stanford professor BJ Fogg delivered a talk called ‘Why Tiny Habits Give Big Results.’ Fogg focused on achieving true change through tiny steps; a theory that can be applied to applications.

Inspiring Speakers, Long Lines Mark SXSW Day Two
By Leezia Dhalla
SXSW Interactive has become a must-attend technology event, and high profile speakers, including Al Gore, drew massive crowds.

Reddit Co-Founder Pushes For Open Web At SXSW
By Garrett Heath
At SXSW Interactive, Reddit co-founder and Internet activist Alexis Ohanian called for an open Internet and highlighted the importance of open source technologies.

E-Retailer Tealet Drinks The Cloud Tea
By Leezia Dhalla
At SXSW Interactive today, we caught up with Rackspace-powered startup Tealet about how it prepares for growth and scale.

Inside The Rackspace Winner’s Circle At SXSW: Startups Using Open Cloud
By John McKenna
Let’s take a look inside the Rackspace Winner’s Circle at SXSW and see how companies are using open cloud technologies.

Tapworthy Author Josh Clark At SXSW: ‘We’re All Cloud Developers Now’
By Larry Meyer
In his standing-room only presentation at SXSW Interactive entitled ‘Where No Geek Has Gone Before,’ Tapworthy author Josh Clark said he believes the future of sensor-rich devices will take us well beyond mobile to new forms of interaction.

At SXSW, Cloud Is On Startups’ Minds
By Leezia Dhalla
We asked startups at SXSW to share their thoughts on the cloud. Here’s what they said.

Scoble On SXSW
By John McKenna
We asked Robert Scoble to share his thoughts on SXSW Interactive 2013. Here’s what he had to say.

Rackers Prepare For Drone Games At SXSW
By Larry Meyer
A team of Rackers is preparing to compete in the Drone Games this weekend at SXSW Interactive. This video showcases some of their prep work.

StartupBus Winners Revealed, Head To SXSW [Video]
By Leezia Dhalla
The StartupBus Finals took place yesterday at Rackspace’s Castle headquarters. In this video, we showcase the startups that participated and announce the winner.

StartupBus Finals At Rackspace & SXSW Startup Crawl 2013
By John McKenna
The StartupBus Finals were held today at Rackspace headquarters. Find out who won the Buspreneur Battle. And, later today, SXSW Startup Crawl 2013 kicks off in Austin.

A Day In The Life: Work Differently
By Andrew Hickey
The arrival of the StartupBus was just one of many things that happened today at Rackspace’s Castle headquarters. Here, Rackspace Video Storyteller Dave Sims captures it all as part of his ‘Day In The Life’ video series.

StartupBus Cruises Into The Rackspace Castle En Route To SXSW
By John McKenna
StartupBus rolled into Rackspace’s San Antonio headquarters today, bringing with it 150 ‘buspreneurs’ charged with conceiving, designing, building and launching new startups in just 72 hours.

Got A Fanatical Startup? Tell Us For A Chance To Be Interviewed By Robert Scoble
By Andrea Michnik
Record a one-minute video telling us why your startup is Fanatical and you could get a chance to be interviewed by Robert Scoble in a Google+ Hangout during SXSW Interactive.

Tips To Steer Your Startup To SXSW Success
By Alan Bush
Are you a startup heading to SXSW Interactive? We can help you prepare your website or application for SXSW success.

The Rackspace Open Cloud Storms SXSW Interactive 2013
By Andrea Michnik
Rackspace has a huge presence at SXSW Interactive 2013. Here’s a lineup of where you can find us and when.

Rackspace has a number of events planned for the remainder of SXSW Interactive 2013. Check out our schedule on your mobile device. And if you want to find us on Twitter, be sure to keep an eye on the hash-tag #SXRackspace.

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