Synnex Australia and Rackspace Partnership Simplifies Channel Cloud Collaboration for Customers Down Under

Thanks to a unique new partnership with Synnex Australia, Rackspace is now one of the first IaaS cloud providers that can be procured and provisioned through the Synnex Reseller Portal.

Rackspace was chosen based on its unique managed service offering, and this partnership will change the way resellers in Australia can procure and provision cloud services.

Synnex Australia is the largest information and communications technology distributor in the Australian market, providing quality branded computer and telecom products. This includes components, IT devices, server, peripherals, imaging and printing, consumables, networking, storage, mobile phone, software, enterprise solutions and volume licensing.

This new business model will provide an opportunity for the channel to bundle cloud into their end user solutions and manage all end customers’ cloud services through one dashboard.

The Synnex Portal, which has been utilised by more than 8,000 resellers for the past two years, provides an automated tool to spin up cloud in as little as five minutes. Reseller partners can customise based upon their requirements, including data centre location, CPUs and quantity. This service can be added to existing accounts, or be combined as part of a new service.

Rackspace began our relationship with Synnex 12 months ago, originally providing the company with cloud infrastructure solutions to run its business. When Synnex approached us with this unique opportunity, we jumped at the chance to provide our managed solutions to their dedicated customer base.

Synnex has undertaken significant integration work to develop the Rackspace managed cloud into their platform. Through this partnership, Rackspace will provide tailored managed services in an easy and automated package for our channel partners.

Resellers and agencies get the best of both worlds: they can use one platform to manage all of their cloud accounts, with the assurance that they can call on our team at anytime.

We see intelligent partnerships and creative solutions such as this one as vitally important towards meeting our customers’ increasingly complex and individual cloud requirements.

Angus is Director and General Manager for Rackspace in Australia and New Zealand. Based in Sydney, he is responsible for driving Rackspace’s growth in the region and establishing local teams to ensure that Australian and New Zealand customers receive Rackspace’s famous Fanatical Support. Prior to this role, Angus was Rackspace’s Director of Operations for Australia and New Zealand. During this time, he played an important part in setting up operational aspects of Rackspace’s local business to support future growth and also in coordinating teams to ensure a successful build and launch of the Rackspace Open Cloud in Australia.



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