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Thousands of apps are developed every day and millions more are downloaded to devices. Yet, it’s still so hard to find those innovative apps, the ones that are really worth your time and download, especially in the cloud industry.
Couchbase is a privately held company funded by Accel Partners, Ignition Partners, Mayfield Fund and North Bridge Venture Partners. It’s the simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database technology for interactive web applications. Couchbase is the NoSQL database market share leader, with production deployments at AOL, Deutsche Post, NTT Docomo,, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Zynga and hundreds of other organizations worldwide. Couchbase products enable a more flexible, scalable, high-performance, and cost-effective approach to data management than relational database solutions and are particularly well suited for web applications deployed on virtualized or cloud infrastructures, and mobile applications requiring real-time data synchronization between devices and the cloud.
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