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Digital books are a great alternative to the real thing – they’re portable and better for the environment. But there are certain attributes for a printed copy that a digital book just can’t recreate. And without a printed copy on display on your desk or on your shelf you might miss out on the opportunity to connect with a co-worker or friend who is reading the same book. Now you can catch that opportunity in the digital age, thanks to this week’s Must Have App, BookShout! This app builds a community around books for executives to read with employees; students to read and study with each other; and friends to interact and discover new books.
Finding, hiring and managing freelancers and contractors is a juggling act, especially if you’re a startup or small business. From waking up at 2 a.m. to jump on Skype, to coordinating an idea from start to finish, project outrourcing takes up a lot of time. This week’s Must Have App, Ziptask, offers a cloud-based web app designed specifically for outsourcing projects, so businesses don’t have to manage it.
Thousands of apps are developed every day and millions more are downloaded to devices. Yet, it’s still so hard to find those innovative apps, the ones that are really worth your time and download, especially in the cloud industry.
This is a guest blog post from Bill Hodak, Director of Product Marketing at New Relic, a SaaS-based application management provider and a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner.
Everyone wants to release the next hot app or bulletproof their website. But until now, it took a unique breed to thoroughly test them and to ensure they’ll perform at scale. That’s because functional and performance testing have traditionally been challenging, complex, costly and time-consuming.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Will Carter, co-founder and CTO of Ad Hoc Labs, a Rackspace customer that recently launched Burner, an app designed to create and “burn” temporary phone numbers to protect user privacy.
Every year, new categories of social interaction emerge at SXSW. This year, Highlight and Lanyrd seem to be two that got a lot of buzz and use.
You opened your presents and were ecstatic to get the iPhone 4S.  Of course you’re going to download Facebook, Instagram and Words with Friends, but after the wrapping paper has been discarded and all the eggnog has been served, what other apps should you get?  Here are a few suggestions to get you started with your new iPhone.
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