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Emails that get to the point are much more effective than poorly worded emails that lack focus. Constructing your emails for maximum efficiency is one more way you can increase productivity. Here’s a section-by-section primer to get you started.
What would you do if you lost the draft of that novel you’ve been working on? How much time would it take to re-type? Can you ever re-take that picture of your son smiling in the bathtub when he was 6 months old? Never. If you have to take work home and lose that “do or die” spreadsheet, what ramifications would you suffer? Scared yet? Good. This productivity tip will not only save you time, but also save you money and anxiety in the event your computer crashes or your laptop is lost or stolen.
Even before we started our Productivity Rx series, we were on your side when it comes to productivity. As a reminder of some of our favorites, here are a few classic posts containing tips and tricks to save time and increase efficiency.
Another email alert has popped up on your screen; you just left a meeting and have another one in an hour. And your mind shifts with the tide of conversation filling the cube farm. Are you going to have to come in on the weekend again to get things done?
By keeping your fingers on the keyboard and using the mouse less frequently, you can fly through reading, replying, and managing your inbox. Bookmark this page for quick reference or download a printable quick reference card for your favorite email client to post near your computer.
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