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Despite a nearly 7 percent national unemployment rate, the unemployment rate in IT hovers just below 3 percent, according to a Dice report. Among IT hiring managers, 62 percent report that filling open positions is taking longer than it did last year, with some technology professionals reporting up to a six-month hiring cycle.
It takes a lot more than software to properly design, deploy and operate a cloud at scale. Fortunately, there are lots of ways for developers and architects to learn about OpenStack.
We’re in trouble. We’re facing an unprecedented shortage of IT talent in cloud, and in this case, specifically within OpenStack.
Rackspace and NASA founded OpenStack in 2010, and since then the cloud operating system has seen explosive growth in several key areas. With the mission of becoming the ubiquitous cloud computing platform, OpenStack Foundation has attracted over 5,600 individual members from 87 countries and 850 different organizations.
At Rackspace, we’re growing and hiring, at our headquarters in San Antonio and in other offices around the world. We try to be very careful to hire not just for aptitude and skills but also for fit — within our culture, and for the particular job. So we ask questions like this: “What sort of things do you find satisfying? In other words, what activities give you a kick, either while doing them or immediately after finishing, and you think ‘Oh, when can I do that again?’” It’s a question that often makes candidates stop and think, and tell us where their strengths and passions lie.
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