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Technology is dramatically changing the way that information is delivered in schools.
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Portal Systems, a network solutions firm, uses the Rackspace Reseller Program to add value and reduce complexity for their clients. The Northern Virginia-based company currently manages about 100 clients under the reseller plan. “We were all ready managing the email accounts for our clients. As a reseller, we could do it all from one control panel without having to log in and out of the individual accounts,” says David Korte, Managing Partner of Portal Systems.
To thwart spam, email providers use aggregated blacklists to determine whether to deliver an email to the inbox or the spam folder, or reject it completely. The blacklist is a reference point for IP addresses identified as sending spam. The list is compiled from IP address traffic patterns and user feedback. Some providers allow their customers to participate in activities that increase the likelihood of winding up on a blacklist, like sending large volumes of email or repeatedly sending unsolicited email for marketing purposes.
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