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EDITOR’S NOTE: Rackspace Service Registry is no longer available.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Rackspace Service Registry is no longer available.
One of the great technology enablers of the last decade has been open-source software. It encourages commercial software developers to create better products by fostering processes that cut across companies, utilizing the best talent from each. Additionally, competition from open-source projects creates an ecosystem that gives consumers more choice in the software they use to power their enterprises.
Jonathan Ellis is the CTO and co-founder of DataStax. DataStax is the developer of DataStax Enterprise, a distributed, scalable, and highly available database platform.
by Gary Dusbabek
EDITOR’S NOTE: This article describes an obsolete version of Apache Cassandra. For tutorials covering modern Cassandra, please visit
Calling all “Geeks”… Next week our own database “geek” Stu Hood will be giving a presentation on Cassandra to a Java user group in Austin, TX. Cassandra is a non-relational database system that excels at storing large amounts of data. It’s a structured key-value store, where keys can map to multiple, complex values. It offers linear scalability and eventual consistency. Stu will describe what Cassandra is good at, what it’s not good at, and the differences between it and a traditional relational database management system.
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