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Today, Rackspace announces our launch of Rackspace CDN (Content Delivery Network).
If your business revolves around a website or web application, we know you’re thinking about performance on a daily basis. But you may not know just how impactful that performance can be on your bottom line. Did you know more than 30 percent of web visitors typically leave a site if that site doesn’t load in the first 3 seconds? That’s 30 percent of your potential customers looking for other options just because your website isn’t moving fast enough.
Have you ever changed your mind about seeing a movie because the line outside the theater was too long? Have you ever decided to go to a different restaurant after the host estimated a 40-minute wait for a table? If so, you’ve done exactly what web surfers do in large numbers every time they hit a slow website.
There is nothing more annoying than a site not loading when you are browsing the web. Did you know that every second delay in page load time results in a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction?
The world has shifted from a one-way communication, such as from media companies to its consumers, to a more two-way channel. In fact, the proliferation of social photo and video apps has made us all content creators. This presents several challenges for developers when it comes to the different kinds data that now must be stored and available for users. Here are some ways developers can take advantage of our Cloud Files object storage and the Content Delivery Network (CDN) that serves up that information.
Today we are announcing two changes to our pricing model to benefit bandwidth and content-centric applications:
When thinking about overall website performance, speed is key. There are a lot of ways to improve your website and application speed.
I’m sure you already know that load times for websites and applications matter on the Internet, so we won’t go into detail about trying to prove that point. But how can you decrease the load times for your site or app?
This post explores embedding a Rackspace Cloud Files-hosted video using the new HTML5 standard, like this: Sorry, your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video.
HTML5 makes it easy to share podcasts, recordings and more across all modern browsers. Today we will explore embedding a Rackspace Cloud Files-hosted recording using the new HTML5 audio standard, like this:
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