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One of the major advantages for people to move to the cloud is cost savings; and a way to improve those savings even more is by caching your content.
In an effort to continuously enhance the scale and security of our Cloud Files and CDN products, Cloud Files will be changing the format of our CDN URLs.
Rackspace Cloud Files has leveraged the power of the Akamai CDN to deliver content over the world’s most expansive network. This gives each customer the opportunity to have their CDN logs delivered, but that’s about as far as Rackspace will take you. Unfortunately, we find that customers crave more data around their CDN usage, and more importantly, data that’s easily consumable.  Until now, we haven’t been able to easily serve that need.  Enter Qloudstat…
You just aired a commercial during the Big Game and are about to get blitzed with traffic to your website. John and Jerry give you play-by-play analysis on how to make sure your web config scores a touchdown. For more in depth information, be sure to check out our previous post that details the importance of a (1) Static Home Page, (2) Team of Web Nodes, (3) Database Replication, (4) Caching Your Content and (5) Load Balancing Your Config.
This is Part 2 of our Scaling for the Holiday Series. Click here to read Part 1: To Scale Vertically or Horizontally?
Cloud Files CDN customers often tell us they use Cloud Files and the Akamai CDN to serve their rich media websites by storing images and media files in Cloud Files and serving them fast over the Akamai CDN.  Now, customers can stream their video files from Cloud Files via Akamai’s CDN.
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