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Many CIOs still look cautiously toward the cloud – and rightly so. For large enterprises, making the move to cloud can be quite an undertaking and involve decision-makers from across the organization. The move also may require completely rethinking the way IT is provisioned. Despite the effort involved, it’s hard to ignore the payoff and long-term benefits of cloud. In the article 5 Reasons Cloud Computing is Enterprise Ready, we explore the top reasons CIOs need to consider cloud in their long-term IT strategy. Here are few intriguing stats from the article:
As with most broad technology transformations, cloud computing has created a state of excitement that makes it difficult for enterprises to distinguish between hype and reality. If you are the CIO of a medium or large enterprise, putting together a strategic transformation plan for your organization is difficult enough even without the additional complexity of a major technological shift.
The scope for corporate IT has changed rapidly. Gone are the days where operational efficiency, business process automation and cost reduction are the defining goals. In the cloud era the IT organization is seen as a partner that enables enterprise growth. There is no glory in spending 80 percent of the time “keeping the lights on.” IT leaders must become business partners that help organizations become more agile to respond to market demands, and to deliver exceptional customer experiences that maximize value.
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