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The increase in user-generated content, regulatory requirements, digital entertainment, social media, and mobile usage demands more storage resources to manage growing volumes of data. The hardware and systems needed to stay ahead of that growth can be confusing and costly. Taking advantage of the elastic nature and utility pricing model of cloud computing helps businesses drive down storage costs and avoid huge investments. Today, Cloud Avengers save a business drowning under a deluge of data by utilizing cloud storage.
Can your website handle a sudden spike in activity? When LoveBook Online, an online retailer of custom books, made their first national television appearance, their site wasn’t ready to handle the ensuing traffic and crashed. When their second national television appearance rolled around, they had Managed Cloud and Cloud Files on their side and traffic flowed smoothly. (Click here to read the LoveBook Online case study.) Today, the Cloud Avengers help a marketing team discover the cloud to handle activity spikes and enable the team to launch campaigns faster without worrying about potential traffic jams.
What will you do when your server needs outgrow your server room? Before you start knocking out walls to make more room, the Cloud Avengers are here to help you make the move to cloud. By transferring functions like website hosting, business email, and file storage to the cloud, you save space, cut power consumption, and mitigate risk in the event of an on-site disaster. And most importantly, fewer servers means less on-site hardware to manage, so you can get back to strategic, high-value IT initiatives instead of keeping the servers humming.
Software bugs or other malicious vermin attacking your businesses’ productivity? Call on the Cloud Avengers to eliminate the bugs so you can get back to work. With cloud computing, systems are centrally managed, patched, and updated to give you access the latest software versions, virus updates, and spam protection without worrying about unwanted intruders ruining the day.
Tired of system emergencies interfering with your sleep, disturbing your weekend, or interfering with your vacation? The Cloud Avengers hear your call and are on the way with the power of redundancy. Whether it’s pesky badgers or lack of compute resources causing crashes and outages, tapping the cloud for long term or temporary resource bumps allows you to sleep better and spend less.
Dealing with unrealistic demands to move at the speed of light without the resources or support you need? Never fear. Call on Cloud Avengers, a team of superheroes wielding the power of cloud computing to alleviate common business challenges. In this edition, we find Cloud Speed using Cloud Files to save the day for a stressed out IT pro. Look for more adventures from Cloud Speed and the whole Cloud Avengers team enabling businesses with the power of cloud.
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