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This is one of a collection of posts I’ve written recently to provide a high-level introduction to all of the products and services available within a Rackspace Cloud Account. I like to think of them as the building blocks of the Internet. Each post will give a description of the product, how to use it, the costs and the most frequently asked questions about that product.
An important item to set up on your Cloud Servers is the backup schedule. Joseph Palumbo has this as one of his first five things to consider when starting a cloud project, and I couldn’t agree more. Rackspace’s Cloud Backup requires just a little bit of work to get going, but once it’s running you can rest easy knowing that your data is being regularly backed up.
What day of the week is the most popular day for cloud backups? Take a guess and read on to see if you’re right.
Summer is grinding to a close – unofficially, anyway — and another week is in the books. But here at Rackspace we’re running full steam ahead. Despite the Labor Day holiday, this week was chock full of interesting tidbits, and there’s more to come.
We’ve all been there: your monitor flickers, a blue screen pops up, the whir of the server hard drive goes silent and whatever it was that you were working on is long gone. You may be able to dig back into the recesses of your hard drive and recover an early-stage version; but that’s if you’re lucky.
Today we are excited to announce the launch of Rackspace Cloud Backup, a new file-based backup solution for Cloud Servers customers with a Managed Service Level. Rackspace Cloud Backup is fully integrated with Cloud Servers and offers a file-based alternative to backing up the whole server image.
Rackspace has just launched an Early Access Program for a fully integrated file-based backup service for Managed Cloud Servers that gives you more choices and control over the backup and restoration of critical data.
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